Abertech  Solutions is a consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide customized coaching, consultation, and implementation services to executives leading Software Engineering organizations.


Be the premier provider of engineering development and operations services to software vendors throughout California. We partner with our clients to maximize the effectiveness of their software engineering organizations.

Who We Are

George Swan, Ph.D :  Principal and Founder

George has developed software product for over 30 years, and has been an Engineering VP for over 12 years at various start-up to medium-sized companies. He is an an expert on building out the software development teams, processes, and infrastructure needed to reliably develop and deliver product that meets the demands in a high growth, fast changing business.  Most recently, George was the responsible for all product Development, User Experience, and Engineering Services (Build, Release, QA, Delivery) at Perforce in Alameda, CA. George’s major career accomplishments include:

  • Executive Leadership and Management
    • Implemented many new products from scratch, often on aggressive timescales.
    • Scaled teams up to 100 people. Changed culture to handle large product portfolios
  • Application of the Development and QA processes needed to build commercial-grade product
  • Highly Efficient Engineering Services
    • Designed and led Engineering’s migration to real-world implementations of Agile (Scrum, Kanban) and Continuous Delivery processes to ensure they could meet the needs of fast-changing business requirements.
    • Led the implementation of highly automated build, test, and delivery infrastructure to ensure frequent, fast, reliable, and repeatable releases.

Prior to Perforce, George performed similar roles as VP Engineering in Coverity, LogicVision, Barcelona, Mobileum, and Synopsys. George holds a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering from Robert Gordon’s University in Scotland, UK. For more details on George’s experience, go to George’s LinkedIn Profile

Mimi Watson : Executive Coach and Trainer

Mimi Watson is an executive coach, group facilitator and trainer who has worked with CEOs, senior executives and managers internationally for almost 24 years. Currently, Mimi focuses on coaching. Her methodology is designed to enable executives to take constructive action by increasing awareness of themselves and the impact they have on others. She concentrates on changing behaviors to impact results.  Mimi’s intent with each person she coaches is to build a relationship based on honesty. This allows the coachee to be authentic both with her as well as with himself or herself and, therefore, to be more fully available to the coaching process. Together, they strategize, but we also work to find the pivotal areas that, when improved, can be leveraged to create the most profound difference. Coachees return to work with a heightened understanding of what makes them tick and with specific practices designed to help them work more effectively with and through others. Mimi brings several areas of expertise to each coaching relationship:

  • Challenging Conversations
  • Managing Office Politics, or Preparing the Dolphins to swim with the Sharks!
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness

Mimi has worked with people in a variety of industries and cultures, in companies that include GE Capital, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Pepsi, Apple Computer, Genentech, MCI, United Airlines, Morgan Guaranty, BHP Biliton and Rio Tinto. For more on Mimi’s background, go to Mimi’s Linkedin Profile.