Agile (SCRUM)


Agile Manifesto Wikipedia description

My observation is that the majority of software companies have moved to full or partial Agile implementations within their development organization. There are challenges with Agile, and it is no panacea, but in my opinion, it is the *primary* method that should be used within modern software development . . . → Read More: Agile (SCRUM)

Critical Chain

Book: Critical Chain (Eliyahu M. Goldratt)

Gets to the root of how project schedules should be created and managed;  80% confidence estimates are generally 3x longer than 50% estimates. “Student Syndrome” guarantees that projects only lengthen, never shorten. When ‘n’ tasks are done by an individual, the buffer is added to the end. When . . . → Read More: Critical Chain

The Goal

Book: The Goal: A process of on-going improvement (Eliyahu M. Goldratt)

Primarily focused on how to improve a manufacturing environment, I find the principles directly apply to software development as soon as you get over thinking of software development as a manufacturing task and not a creative effort. “Productivity is maximizing the value of . . . → Read More: The Goal